With all the marvelous specialty threads available,why limit yourself? Wind some of those beauties onto your bobbin, fuse some quick appliqués, and create fast, fun, one-of-a-kind quilts. My 11 projects give free rein to raw and fusible appliqué techniques and free-motion quilting with instructions on bobbin quilting at the fore. Not one to color inside the lines, I've created a great book for beginners who want to start with bright, fun contemporary projects.
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Bobbin' Quiltin' & Fusin' Fun!

Whether you are beginner or experienced machine quilter, you will learn how to improve and enhance your skills. From basic free form quilting to advanced bobbin quilting, it's all here! Machine Quilting Fun and Bobbinpalooza is a journey in creativity and fun! Watch THIS VIDEO to learn more!


Machine Quilting Fun and Bobbinpalooza!

Buy BOTH for only $30.00!

Calypso Threads from Aurifil

Coordinating with my upcoming line with Northcott Silk, Calypso threads come in two color packs of 50 weight cotton thread. Use this thread for piecing or machine quilting! Guaranteed to produce gorgeous results every time! Each set comes with 6 spools, 220 yards each.





Designed exclusively by me for Aurifil Threads. This collections offers easy to use, heavy-weight variegated quilting threads (size 12) in a full spectrum of color that coordinates with Northcott's ColorWorks Solids adding dimension and
whimsy to your quilts!

For best results, use Topstitch 100/16 machine needles. Scroll down to purchase.

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The large collection case includes 12 colors of 12 wt cotton thread containing 386 yds each. Colors : 3840-4653-4655-4652-4657-4658-4668-4667-4662-4663-4647-4648

The small collection case includes 10 colors of 12 wt cotton thread containing 56 yds each. Colors : 3840-4653-4655-4652-4657-4658-4668-4667-4662-4663

NEW! Calypso! $5.00/Half Yard!
Limited quantities - buy now! 
My newest collection with Northcott Silk is a follow up to Cayuga. Calypso soaks up the sun and surf with exotic prints reminiscent of tropical paradise. The featured ombre print offers a multitude of creative possibilities. A wide range of tropical prints complements the exquisite array of textures and blenders. Calypso is offered in two palettes including Sunglow and Surf.  Click image to enlarge.


Surf Panel
$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Strip-R Pattern Stripe

(Each stripe is 2")
$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Blue Large Leaf Print
$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Green Floral Print
$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Blue Small Leaf Print

$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Blue/Green Mottle

$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Painted Stripe
$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Blue Rice

$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Green Rice

$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Dark Blue Blender
$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Light Blue Blender

$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Green Blender

$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Light Green Blender

$5.00/Half Yard

Surf Blue/Green Blender

$5.00/Half Yard

Don't forget your Calypso Threads from Aurifil (above). Made especially for this collection, these great threads are perfect for piecing or quilting!


Sunglow Panel
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Strip-R Pattern Stripe
(Each stripe is 2")
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Large Leaf Print
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Floral Print
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Small Leaf Print
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Mottle
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Painted Stripe
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Orange Rice
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Yellow Rice
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Dk Orange Blender
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Orange Blender
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Light Orange Blender
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Yellow Blender
$5.00/Half Yard

Sunglow Light Yellow Blender
$5.00/Half Yard

Favorite Stuff!

Shades of Soft Fuse
Great new product for fusing! I use Shade of Soft Fuse for ALL of my fusing needs and most especially for my new book, Bobbin' Quiltin' and Fusin' Fun! It's so soft between your layers of fabric. It's thin and flexible allowing easy sewing through four (yes, FOUR) layers of fusing! I'm offering it in two sizes: ten 8" x 9" pieces and an 18" x 3 yard roll.
Each set comes with a set of instructions for use.

10 pieces / 8" x 9" each

18" x 3 yard rolls

YLI Candlelight Thread

125 yards/spool
Candlelight is a textured metallic yard. Use in bobbin work, machine couching, weaving and serger for a dramatic sparkly effect that is not too bright.   I mostly use it in my bobbin for incredible effects.  Choose from 21 gorgeous colors.  
YLI Candlelight Thread - $6.00

If you buy 4, you get one FREE! 
Add the color that you want for free in the "Notes" section
when you check out!

NOTE: Deep Pink/024 is discontinued by YLI
(Why? I have NO idea! It was my favorite color!!)

Color Column One

Color Column Two

Color Column Three

505 Spray and Fix
Temporary Fabric Adhesive
I love this stuff - the best for basting or spraying down your fabrics for raw edge appliqué!  Temporary aerosol adhesive for paper patterns. Eliminates the need to pin paper to fabric. Avoids torn paper patterns from pinning. Does not gum up scissors or sewing needles. Leaves no residue on finished project. Cleans up with soap and water. Acid free. Does not spot fabric or transfer onto fabric surface. It's very hard to find, but I always keep a full stock of it!
505 Spray and Fix - $12.00

YLI Invisible Thread
Great for practicing your machine quilting or if you just want to add some dimension, not color, to your quilting!  I've never had problems with this monofilament!  This is also great for using with your decorative threads - yes, I use it in the bobbin!  Size .004 thread. Very very fine, soft and pliable, this monofilament thread may make you change your mind about invisible threads forever. 
YLI Invisible Thread - $4.00

Schmetz Topstitch 90/14 Needles
I have found these to be the best needles when using a variety of decorative threads.  Use where larger eye size is beneficial.  Extra sharp with an extra large eye and a large groove to accommodate topstitch thread. 
Schmetz Topstitch 100/16 Needles
When using the thicker threads, the 100/16 needles are the way to go.  Schmetz Top Stitch needles are extra sharp and have an extra Large eye which reduces thread abrasion and breakage, and a large groove to accommodate topstitch thread.   
Machine Quilting Gloves
Use these gloves and your machine quilting will instantly improve!  Why the low cost??  I get them from an industrial supplier!  The hand coating gives full control with less resistance and drag on fabric.  At this price, why not pick up a pair!
Machine Quilting Gloves - $2.00  
Check back often for new items!
YLI Metallic Thread - $ 3.00 / each

I use this metallic exclusively.  It gives me no problems in my machine, as long as I use the Topstitch 90 needles. 
Each spool contains 100 meters of metallic.
Carnation Pink
Persian Blue
Sapphire Blue
Spring Green
Very cool colors, huh?


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