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Every Quilt Tells a Story

With her trademark humor, high energy and “done is better than perfect” attitude, Michele takes you on a journey through her 20 years of quilting.  From her very first project to the latest award winning and book quilts, she shares the hilarious mishaps and missteps that shaped her into the quilt professional she is now. This lecture is a crowd pleaser for all, as a multitude of topics is covered while she passes around (yes, you can touch them!) over 70 quilts.  From machine and bobbin quilting to designing for magazines to getting your work published, this lecture is the ultimate compilation of her three lectures.

“Quilt as desired…”  Ideas for Machine Quilting your Quilt
Quilt as desired…” - don’t you just hate those words??  Using A LOT of quilts, I will show you the many ways you can machine quilt your completed tops.  Feel free to bring tops along for a group or private consultation! 

Designing Quilters
Many quilters have ideas floating around in our head - quilts we would like to make.  This lecture will help you to take your ideas from your head and put them on paper.  Whether it's a new block design, small wallhanging, or full bed quilt, I will give you tips and tricks to creating your own designs - the do's and don'ts of designing and how to incorporate a certain fabric into your quilts.  We will also discuss where to find color inspiration as well as how to break down the color and value process.  I will introduce the concept of line and form in quilts. 
Lecture includes a show of my original designs, published and non-published - more than 50 quilts in all!

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Check out our NEW HALF DAY WORKSHOPS: Basics of Fusing and Piecing - see below!

Bobbin Quiltin' Fun!
Based on the AQS book by Michele Scott
Level:  Beginner through Advanced (3 or 6 hour class)

Why agonize over those breaking needles and shredded threads that you’ve bought for machine quilting when you can simply flip over the quilt and quilt it up-side-down? In this class, we will problem solve your way through a multitude of decorative threads and yarns (yes, we do LOTS of couching!)  We’ll first try different tips and tricks I’ve acquired over the years to put the threads through the top; if that doesn’t work, we’ll bobbin-quilt it! Get familiar with your machine and adjusting both top and bottom tension while learning all those cool quilting patterns that don’t need marking. Other things we explore – free motion zigzag and a bit of fusible appliqué! This is information packed class!  If you're feeling up to it, we’ll also create a great wall hanging of threads and yarns to practice our new surface embellishment skills! 

Successful Machine Quilting: Basics to Bobbins (A new iquilt class!)
Level: Beginner (3 or 6 hour class)
Basics to Bobbins is the perfect fusion of a beginner and advanced machine quilting class!  Whether you’re new to machine quilting or if you have a little experience with free motion quilting, but would like to enhance your skills with some decorative threads such as rayon and metallics, this is the class for you. Take your machine quilting to the next level as you create your own interesting patterns without templates. Learn those fabulous free motion “doodle” designs that you do not need to mark! During this incredibility fun and creative class, we will experiment with a wide variety of beautiful decorative threads – even those tough ones that keep breaking in your machine! You will learn how easy it is to stitch exquisite threads from the bobbin of your sewing machine. We’ll even machine couch designs with funky yarns!

Usin’ Fusin’ (and other cool stuff) to Express Yourself!
Based on the AQS book by Michele Scott
Level:  Beginner through Advanced (6 hour class)
Using fusing, seamless piecing and decorator threads and yarns, you will create a small art quilt designed by you.  Raw edge appliqué with fusible web, machine quilting and embellishment will express something important to you:  a feeling, a person, a garden, the beach. The doors of creativity will open in this fast and fun class as we investigate free form cutting to build collage-type artworks that express YOU!  Additional focus will be placed on color and line that can translate your feeling.

Click here for a bunch of great samples from students who have taken the class!  What an inspiration!!

Willow Tree

Based on the AQS book by Michele Scott
Level: Confident Beginner (6 hour class)
Based on Michele’s new AQS book, Bobbin Quiltin’ and Fusin’ Fun, you can make this exquisite wall hanging! In this class, you will learn fusing and machine quilting techniques – including bobbin quilting and couching. Discover the ease and beauty of creating great quilting designs with decorative threads.
Finished Quilt Size: 48" x 57"

A Day at the Beach
Level: Confident Beginner (6 hour class)

From Michele’s book, Bobbin’ Quiltin’ and Fusin’ Fun, learn great new fusing and machine quilting techniques while creating this fun beach wall hanging! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to quilting, you will learn so much with this entirely fused quilt. No piecing equals more fun and fewer mistakes!
Finished Quilt Size: 40" x 32"

Fusible Flowers: Beginning Fusing Class
Level: Beginner (3 hour class)

Learn the basics of fusing fabrics with this great small art quilt!  This no-piecing project is perfect to learn the process of fusing. In this class, you’ll learn the pros and cons of different types fusible web on the market. In addition, we’ll play with different rotary blades and rulers to make your piece that much more interesting. In the last portion of the class, you’ll be introduced to different machine techniques to appliqué the fabric to the background, including machine quilting, couching, buttonhole and zigzag stitch.
Finished Quilt Size: 18” x 20”.


Building Blocks: Piecing 101
Level: Beginner (3 hour class)

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned quilter, you’ll love this class! For those of you
new to quilting, you’ll learn rotary cutting, strip piecing with a ¼” seam, matching intersections, and pressing, all while beginning a gorgeous quilt top. For those of you who have some experience, this class is just the thing to sharpen your skills and finish a quilt top! No complicated blocks, just strips and rectangles make up Building Blocks, so there is no need to be intimidated if you’re new to quilting. We’ll discuss color value of fabric placement as well. We’ll have a blast and make new friends in this three-hour class!
Finished Quilt Size: 46" x 58"


Show Off!
Level: Beginner (3 hour class)
 I just love a make and take, don’t you? In this class, you’ll use your favorite large print fabric, learn quick‐cutting and piecing techniques, and take a quilt top home! What else could you ask for in three hours? Whether it's novelty fabric, a large print, or just a piece of fabric that you couldn't resist, we will make a lap size quilt top from it in the course of just three hours. Beginners will love this class for learning quick cutting and piecing techniques; more experienced quilters will love the ease, speed, and fun of finishing a quilt top!  Besides the basics, we also talk a lot about color and fabric placement. Machine quilting will be discussed also.
Finished Quilt Size: 46" x 58"